• 7 October 2017
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I’ve just ordered the sonos One and wasn’t aware you could not pair it with a play 1. Time to re-think

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6 replies

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Yep... this is something that has come up a few times over the past couple of days. There's very clear desire for people to want to link Play:1 and Sonos One speakers together in stereo pairs or surround systems, since there's not always a need for two speakers with microphones in the same room! Hopefully Sonos will get the hint and add this functionality at some point.
Yes very disappointed with mine, brought 2 sonos ones assuming they will link with play 1’s and don’t, Spotify doesn’t work even though they advertised it would. Waste of money to be honest
Kinda surprised this functionality doesn't exist. Very unlike Sonos in my opinion. Was set to order a few until I read this. Hopefully it is in the works to get this going. Makes no sense why it wouldn't work.
Wait, what?!? The whole reason I got this was so I could get rid of my Amazon Alexa and one of my PLAY:1 speakers. Am I reading this correctly: you cannot create a Left/Right speaker pair with a SONOS:ONE and a PLAY:1?
Ah, OK, so it sounds like I can still GROUP them together so they play the same music. I just can't pair them as a L+R stereo pair. Not ideal, but I can live with that, because all I really want in my case is room-filling sound. Stereo separation is not as important to me. I sure hope there's no lag between them; it would be frustrating if I could hear a slight echo between them.
Ah. Ok. Thanks for that clarification.