Disable Sonos One Alexa from playing a sound when I say "Alexa"

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I just set up a Sonos One with Alexa and the sound is noticeably better than the Amazon Echo. On the Sonos One though, each and every time I call "Alexa" it plays some kind of acknowledgement tone. When I call my Echo or Dot, thankfully there is no such tone. Is there anyway to disable it?

Best answer by Ryan S 29 January 2019, 18:01

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I second an option to turn this off - or at least change it in some way. The tone can be a little loud, maybe just have Alexa say "yes?" or "how can I help?"
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I agree. Please mak this an option. I won’t buy another speaker until this is’s annoying and unnecessary.
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Also erm... reaching out to you. Love my new One - my first Sonos experience - and generally pleased with the Alexa function. However I also find the post-'Alexa' tone very irritating so really want the option to either turn off or reduce volume (without affecting voice volume).
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Since the Sonos One doesn't have the light ring that you might find on the Echo Dot, the tone was enabled so that you know when the Sonos One heard you and when it's communicating with the cloud. There isn't a way to turn that off, but I'll pass on your request to the team for you.

Thanks for reaching out!
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Please give us this option.
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Since the Sonos One doesn't have the light ring that you might find on the Echo Dot, the tone was enabled so that you know when the Sonos One heard you and when it's communicating with the cloud. There isn't a way to turn that off, but I'll pass on your request to the team for you.

Thanks for reaching out!

Google how doesn’t have a light ring, it light in the same way as the sonos one and this doesn’t have this stupid and irritating sound. No only is it silly but it means more often than not the sonos one miss hears what you ask. I don’t think it is a feature we would like but rather a feature needed!
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Hi Ryan S have you already heard back from the team? Very curious to understand expected timeline to implement. Does not seem to be a very big change but more/less a small software update isn't it?
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This is a must feature, please implement it. Also, my Play One will be heading back to Sonos soon, unless it will also become possible to pair with my three, soon to be four Echo units. Having an option to play 'Everywhere' has to include the room my Sonos One is in.
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I just picked up a Sonos One yesterday and wish I had known about this issue before I did. The BOOP is very annoying. I have the One in our ensuite and I am sure the BOOP would wake up my wife if I tried using Alexa in the morning. If the BOOP doesn't wake her, then Alexa's screaming voice, for which there is no volume control, would, but that's a separate issue.

Please fix this!
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+1 from me too. There's two problems with the tone:

1. The echos generally don't make a tone (or sometimes make a very soft tone), so it's frustrating to have a different speaking "syntax" in a household where you have some Sonos Ones and some Echos.

2. The beep is so loud that you can't speak naturally but instead have to pause after "Alexa" otherwise it will miss the beginning of the command.
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we do not know if Amazon limits Sonos here.

Not entirely true. We do know that Amazon requires Alexa-enabled devices to provide notification when Alexa is listening. What we do not know, is what Amazon considers an adequate level or form of notification. It is also clear that the partnership between Sonos (and other manufacturers of Alexa-enabled devices) is not an equal one, with Amazon dictating what Sonos can and cannot do with Alexa. For example, up until recently, Amazon required that all Alexa-enabled devices only use "Alexa" as a wake word, just an example of how determined Amazon is to control its brand.

The wake-up sound on the Sonos One is the same one that Amazon uses on it's own Echo Devices, except that the sound on those devices is disabled by default. All any of us are asking is to have the same option on the Sonos One, because we all agree that the current sound is annoying, clunky and overkill for its intended purpose. (BTW, my previous comment notwithstanding, I doubt Sonos could use a different sound if it wanted to do so.)

Along the lines of what Chris has said, the way the partnership is with Amazon, Sonos can't make quick, unilateral changes. I'm optimistic enough to think a change to the wake sound is coming, but I don't know that it will happen as quickly as any of us would like.
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Wow, SONOS - this is pretty appalling! 6 months later and still no fix for such a simple, and widely complained about issue? I have SONOS speakers throughout my house and love them, but this initial experience with the One is terrible.

The Alexa feedback tone on the Sonos One completely ruins the fluidity of the Alexa experience (coming from an existing Echo Dot ecosystem). It is completely unnecessary, and needs a toggle option.

Same with independent controls for Alexa’s voice, it’s a bit absurd these features were not included, as it seems the speaker has not been tested in actual day to day use.

Ryan could you actually confirm whether or not this feature will EVER be released? At this stage, it seems possible that it will not be. If that is so, please stop leading us all along, as I will be returning this Sonos One unit asap for an Echo product.
Youve got to wonder how this wake sound got past any qa or beta testing. Given there is a perfectly capable multi colour capable LED on the device, then im not buying the whole "its an amazon requirement" thing, as they could have just had the led cycle colours just like on the echos and dots.

With the advent of siri and further products from google on the horizon, and amazon likely to be refreshing and updating the echo line to cater for tbose who want better audio quality, sonos are staring down the barrel here.

People can laugh and scoff at that if theh want, but the main complaints here relate to how poor and half baked the alexa implementation. So it very much is a race between sonos sorting the alexa implementation and amazon sorting the audio quality. Or some blindside from apple or google. The first one to sort this will be the VHS. The others will be the betamax.

Sonos have a headstart as they already have penetration into the home and a firmware update could fix several of the major issues. For them to ignore this for months on end, giving the competition time to fix their failings seems daft to me.

No one executes multiroom streaming as well as Sonos. I mean try a HomePod, this just go wrong, Sonos is very realiable. The ecosystem for blending multiroom and home audio is IMO the best as well. That’s why I stay with a device in every room. But this Alexa implementations man, this is such a bonehead move I would jump ship FAST if anyone else stepped up to the plate with a worthy solution. Not a good place to be in as a company if some of your most loyal customers are just waiting to leave.
Add my vote. At least disable, if possible, would also be able to change tone.
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This problem and and the inability to change wake word are very large annoyances. Sonos please fix!
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We can put a man on the moon but we can’t add a toggle switch to an app that makes a beeping noise not beep? I donno, I stopped reading the reasoning behind why you haven’t fixed this once I realized there is no possible nuance to adding this option.

At least add a simple slider to the app in it’s settings that allows adjustment of the ungodly level of volume that assaults my ears whenever I do something as simple as saying “Alexa.” And this is because of the lack of an indicator light evidentially? Personally I don’t need someone to yell in my face during my sentence to indicate that they’ve heard me say their name.

I can only howl tearful obscenities into the cold night for so long before I give in and Shot Put this speaker through my window on to the dewy grass that lay beneath, thereby muting the rival wails of any and all police sirens within an ear shot of it’s obnoxious cry of acknowledgement.

But seriously I literally can’t hear myself over that noise. I’m in total agreement with everyone else here - pls fix.
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It would be great to have this be an option to disable. I know personally I am confident that alexa is activated 99 percent of the time and to not need to hear that chime to know it happened. If this gets fixed I will be adding one more sonos one to the room so my chances will be even better of it hearing me 😃
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I am just "Chiming in" with agreement that this chime after saying "Alexa" is annoying! I can understand a sound if an error occurs (in computers 35 years) but I agree with others that this current sound does not add any value to the Sonos One.
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Agree the Sonos One wake chime is superfluous & should have a disable feature. The power LED light already increases in brightness for a visual cue, if needed.
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I love alexa. My girlfriend does not. The fact that we now hear a noise every time alexa is activated has only boosted her confidence in the fact that alexa is always listening. It should not make that noise when watching a tv show, or when we’re just having standard conversation. Requesting turn off feature as well
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I agree with the above- please add option to disable sound
I am dismayed by this. I thought the whole point of Sonos was to create a platform that was responsive to its users. Our dog who had an electric collar hears the sound and panics that she will get shocked, even though she has no collar on. The sound makes her panic and we cant use the Sonos Ones despite having spent $600 on 3 of them. I am outside of the return period but I would love to return these because I have no confidence that Sonos is committed to addressing what should be simple customer concerns. I have built a large Sonos system and am really disappointed.
Oh wow... Still can't believe I just signed up to leave this comment!

I am following this thread for about a month now. I only kept the ONEs since I really believed something would change through an update.
Bought the ONEs right after christmas and I am out of the return period now. Speakers are unplugged and I am listening to my echo again.

The sound is so disruptive and defeats the purpose of these devices.

So very disappointed. I was a Sonos believer and preaching the advantages of Wifi-Speakers for years. At this point I can just warn my friends and colleagues to not make the same mistake...
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Thanks for sharing everyone! @curlyel, there isn't currently a change in status for the request that I can share. There's a lot that the team is working on but I can't speak to the tone specifically right now. We do make sure that the team knows how many people are asking for what features so they know which ones are the highest in demand.

I'll be sure to let you know when I hear anything new that can be shared.

What a worthless corporate bullshit response. Do something.

No more Sonos for me until this is fixed. I'm actually upset that I gave away my $30 dot thinking this would easily replace it. Boy was I wrong...

Reading through all these similar requests and the length of time it's taken your company to do nothing to even suggest you're working on a fix is asinine.

A dot functions better than your product. Think about that...
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Ugh ... just realized the issue is even worse when you enable Alexa's new Follow-Up mode. You not only hear the Wake Sound when you say Alexa, you hear it AGAIN after she acknowledges your initial command and waits for another.

Ryan, I'm a big supporter, but your continuing platitudes on this issue are rapidly wearing thin.