Difficult setting up Sonos One with Amazon Alexa

  • 29 December 2021
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I purchased my third Sonos One over the holidays to add to my office. It's been a nightmare getting this set up with Amazon Alexa. It seems the problem is in the discovery phase - Alexa doesn’t locate the Sonos. However, in the Alexa app, unlike my existing Sonos One which is depicted by a speaker icon, the new Sonos One is being represented by a wifi icon and not the speaker icon, which I’m thinking is the source of my troubles. I have been fiddling with it for several hours but can’t get it to work. Anyone run into this before?

This was a refurb bought directly from Sonos, and I’m wondering if it's got issues. It is running 13.4.1

I’ve attached a screenshot showing the icon representing the new Sonos. I appreciate any help!




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4 replies

I got it fixed. The solution for me was to disable the Sonos skill in the Alexa app and reinstall it. Once I did that, it discovered the new Sonos and changed its icon to a speaker. Everything worked after that. Thanks for the help.

No the WiFi icon showing for a Sonos device in the Amazon Alexa App is not the issue - almost all Sonos products with a built in Alexa (usually) have two Alexa device components - the ‘WiFi icon’ component (which represents the built in Alexa part of the speaker and shows that Alexa is installed) and another ’Speaker icon’ which represents the Speaker itself… after a time you should see the ‘WiFi icon’ will embed itself inside the ‘Speaker icon’ element.

Next thing to do, is to remove your Sonos Skill, wait 30 seconds and add the skill back and let Alexa scan for devices and see if that fixes things. Just ensure your smart-home devices are uniquely named so they do not clash. You don’t want a smart light-bulb or plug named the same as one of your Sonos speakers, for example.

I will just add that for Sonos HT devices, like a Beam etc, you should see a third ‘TV icon’ in the Alexa device list too - this is the HDMI-CEC component and allows the user to voice control the TV to power it on/off and control it’s volume up/down/mute etc. Just FYI. 

(Note: the TV icon does not embed itself inside the speaker icon and always remains a separate entity in the Alexa App device list).

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Can you open the Sonos App>Settings>Services and Voice>Amazon Alexa and ensure that your new device is shown as Enabled – if not Enable it and retry Discovery.