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  • 6 October 2017
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Right now it appears that if you don't specify a playback device the music will just play on my echo dot. I'd like to instead have it default to 'play in the living room' without having to specify a room.

Is this possible? I can't find it.

I only have one echo dot to try this out (waited a year haha) and I'd like to get one for each room I have a Sonos in and have each echo dot default to controling the Sonos room its in.

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11 replies

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+1 I think this is needed and would make things much more reliable. Would be great to have a DOT in the rooms I already have Play 3 or Play 1


This has been released this year, please see my overview here:
+1 I think this is needed and would make things much more reliable. Would be great to have a DOT in the rooms I already have Play 3 or Play 1
+1 : my only dislike of our Sonos setup
+1: This is a major gap.
+1: please work with Amazon to set default Sonos rooms for specific Echo devices
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I think this needs to be tied in with Alexa support (or lack of) for rooms. If you have multiple Echo devices and also Sonos speakers in various rooms then it would be really useful if Alexa a) knew what room the echo was in and b) could then by default use any Sonos speaker also in that room, likewise other devices like lights...
This isn't a current feature, and I completely agree that it's needed. I doubt the Sonos side of the interface is told which echo gave the command, so there is really no way for Sonos to 'fix' this. The link between your specific echo and the speaker needs to be on the Amazon side. I think there is good reason to believe this will be done because:

A - It's a logical feature
B- Amazon does link echo's to firefox tv devices, so the functionality is already there...sort of.
C- It's not just needed for speakers, but all smart home devices. Customers also don't want to have specify the name of a light when they want to turn off the light of the room they are in.
We clearly need more ability to set defaults like this. I want to set for an echo what speakers to use as well as what music services to use.
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I agree that this would be wonderful option to have and would bring a lot of value to existing device owners. I want that feature (might be Amazon side though). I wonder, though, since it seems to be such a simple option if it is intentionally withheld since it would cut into sales of the new/next gen "fully-integrated" one-box product. Call me suspicious but this is business ..
Ideally I could pair my dot with a Sonos similar to the way I pair it with a Bluetooth speaker.
I too would like this ability. Have each dot default to a sonos speaker unless a room/speaker is specified.