Controlling Amazon Music via Sonos App

  • 22 October 2017
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Can you control Amazon Music songs that are playing via your Sonos system, in the Sonos app?

I've got a Connect Amp which plays via ceiling speakers in my kitchen. This zone is named "Kitchen".

I can ask Alexa to play Jack Johnson in the Kitchen, and she will play Jack Johnson music from Amazon Music, in the Kitchen zone. Great. However, I find the volume controls to not be so good via voice, so would rather open the app, and adjust the volume that way.

However, my app defaults to "Garage" as the last zone its showing (as that's the last zone I was using I think). I click on that at the bottom, check "Kitchen", uncheck "Garage" (and on that screen it shows there is music playing in the Kitchen and its Jack Johnson via Amazon Music), but then when I hit DONE, it should show me the screen that has the music sliders, play button, next button, and at the bottom it shows the zone. It is still on Garage. But that's not the zone I'm trying to control.

Long story short, I simply cannot control the zone I want to control in the Sonos App, if that zone is playing Amazon Music that was started via voice on the Echo.

Is this correct or a flaw in the app?

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2 replies

You are changing the grouping, not the room. To change rooms, sweep down, choose the Rooms icon in the tabs bar, then choose the room.
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Thanks. I think your way is the correct way to do it, and of course works.

The way I was doing it is a little quicker as its one or two steps shorter, and normally works just fine to get to the zone I'm trying to control...except when using Amazon Music it seems I cant get to the zone that way.