change the woake word PLEASE

  • 24 May 2020
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Is this limitation and Amazon thing or a Sonos thing? Is this an active development item? I was considering purchasing the new sound bar but after learning this I don’t think I will. 

The whole point of Alexa is hands free voice assist. So turning off/on the microphone is not a valid alternative. 

Please let us know the status of this. Thank you. 

7 replies

Sonos doesn’t give roadmaps, and they will never tell you something is the fault of a partner service.  


What is the benefit of changing the wake word?

Buzz, the benefit is to prevent Alexa from waking up constantly when you’re speaking to someone named Alexa or Alexis or if you say “a Lexus” etc. The amazon products let you change it to “echo” or “computer” to keep this from happening. 

currently my Sonos One is going off constantly throughout the day as we reference an employee named Alexis. I had an Echo Dot in the past and I changed it to “Echo” which solved the problem.  

Fair enough we don’t have any ‘xa’s here.

I second this. My daughter is Alexis, and my wife owns a Lexus. I really need to be able to change the wake word before I go crazy. I’m not a programmer, but this does not seem like a difficult fix. Please make the update Sonos!

I know you will feel this should not be necessary, but if this is causing you real problems (and I can easily imagine it being very annoying), you could get an Echo Dot (sometimes discounted to $/£29) and turn the mic off on the One.

As I have a Play:1 that is my only option, but for me it has other worthwhile advantages over the One.

Thank you. Yes, I have an echo dot that I use for my pair of Play:5’s. I changed the wake word on the dot to “Echo” to avoid this issue in the family room. Unfortunately, the connectivity between the dot and the play:5 is not as seamless nor as clean of a look as having Alexa all in one unit. 

I also have 5 Connect:Amps, with Echo dots everywhere programmed to operate the whole house audio. They all wake to the word “Echo.”  

My reason for really liking Sonos is the clean uncluttered look along with obviously the HiFi sound. 

That being said I recently purchased two pair of One’s for the kitchen and garage. It would be nice to have all wake words the same and keep the clean seamless solution. I am likely in the minority and maybe Sonos will never push the software change through. Maybe I will break down and buy more dots  just wish I didn’t have to do it  

I know, I know, I’m a little overboard for Sonos!