change the woake word PLEASE

Is this limitation and Amazon thing or a Sonos thing? Is this an active development item? I was considering purchasing the new sound bar but after learning this I don’t think I will. 

The whole point of Alexa is hands free voice assist. So turning off/on the microphone is not a valid alternative. 

Please let us know the status of this. Thank you. 

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Sonos doesn’t give roadmaps, and they will never tell you something is the fault of a partner service.  


What is the benefit of changing the wake word?

Buzz, the benefit is to prevent Alexa from waking up constantly when you’re speaking to someone named Alexa or Alexis or if you say “a Lexus” etc. The amazon products let you change it to “echo” or “computer” to keep this from happening. 

currently my Sonos One is going off constantly throughout the day as we reference an employee named Alexis. I had an Echo Dot in the past and I changed it to “Echo” which solved the problem.  

Fair enough we don’t have any ‘xa’s here.