Cant find devices on Alexa Echo Show

  • 26 March 2020
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Hi I have just installed a new Alexa Echo Show and have problems discovering the devices when I install the Sonos Skill. The devices show up fine on my phone iPhone App but they don't show on the Alexa device! I can get Alexa Echo Show to control the Sonos Speakers to change the volume so this seems to suggest that the skill is working in some way. I have disabled the skill on the app a couple of times and removed the devices and once I Enable the Skill  and Discover Devices on my iPhone it finds the devices on the iPhone but whatever I do on the Alexa Echo Show it can't find the devices. Anyone got any suggestions????

5 replies

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@Big Bull 

Are you saying that in the Alexa App on your iPhone when you open the Alexa app and go to:

Devices (lower right corner) > Echo & Alexa (first box upper left) > Scrolling through devices...the Echo Show is not found? Could be that you completely changed the name of the Show and named it something else?


No that's not it it finds the Echo and as I said I can control the volume of the Sonos on the Echo but it just doesn't find the devices!

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Hello @Big Bull,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out to us with your issue. 

Can you clarify that your Echo Show finds your other Echos but not Sonos devices or doesn’t discover anything at all?

Is your Amazon Echo Show using the same Alexa account as the rest of your Echos?

Can you submit a diagnostic report for your Sonos system and include the confirmation number so we can work on resolving this with you?



Hi Jean yep my echo show can find and display other devices! It also allows me to control my Sonos in terms of the volume level and also to switch on and off, it just doesn’t discover the devices although it says it can’t find them!

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Hi there @Big Bull,

Are the devices that you are trying to discover already showing up as found in Alexa?

If Alexa has previously discovered and linked these devices to the account, they shouldn’t need to be discovered again unless you have changed the Alexa account that is working with any existing Echos and your Sonos system.