cannot connect to echo dot

  • 4 November 2017
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i'm new one here. I have 5 sonos play 1 at my home. 2 stereo pairs & single one. today I have received echo dot. but whenever it tries to discover any new device, it cannot find my sonos speakers. all speakers are connected to my LAN & they work flawlessly. alexa could discover d'link smart plug & I can control them using voice command over echo dot. when I click music & books option in alexa app it shows sonos in speakers segment. but when I click it goes to all skills but I couldn't find sonos among them. I have primarily bought echo dot to control sonos. but it is not happening. can any one please help me out? many thanks in advance. regards,

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6 replies

Are you located in the US, UK, or Germany? Those are the only countries where the Sonos skill is available.
No. I live in india. Thanks for this information. Then echo dot becomes worthless to me. I bought it only to control my sonos play 1 speakers. It cannot even control my fire tv. It may got many good reviews but in my country it is worthless.
Thanks once again for such prompt resonse.
Sonos has stated the Sonos skill will be available shortly after Alexa goes live in a new country, but there are some initializations required before it goes live. How long that will take is not clear.
Thanks once again. Hope for the best. Don't know how long it will take. Waiting for response from sonos & amazon.
While waiting, learning to use it by playing with it is fun. And if you have a halfway decent bluetooth speaker, it can even be useful in a room where you don't have Sonos. I am very impressed with how well it does basic tasks like pairing/disconnecting with attached speakers and responsiveness in general. Plus, my 4 year old granddaughter thinks she now has her own personal DJ to play Bonfire Heart, Moana and more for her, so that is another box ticked. The free Amazon Prime membership for the year is also very useful to begin with.
Many thanks mr. Kumar. It was really helpful posr. I went through your link. I found this ". Your alternatives are to revert to UK and lose local skills or wait for Sonos" in one of your post. How can i revert to uk mode? Is it like using vpn just like people do to access netflix usa? Please explain a bit in this matter.