Can't get Echo to work with my Play 5s

  • 22 October 2017
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I have two Play 5s paired as a stereo pair named "Lounge". All Sonos apps running on my Mac devices were upgraded to 8.1 this weekend.

I received a new Echo Dot two days ago. I've set it up with both the Sonos and Spotify skills. I've also set Spotify as my default music library. Commands like "Alexa, play coffee table jazz" gets the immediate response "Playing coffee table jazz from Spotify", work perfectly and music will play from the Dot speaker. However "Alexa, play coffee table jazz in the lounge" gives response "I don't see the playlist coffee table jazz in your music library.

If I change the command to "Alexa, play coffee table jazz from Spotify in the lounge" the response becomes "Spotify is not connected on this device"! Alternatively, "Alexa, play coffee table jazz from Spotify" does get the positive response "Playing coffee table jazz from Spotify" as before. Ergo, Spotify isn't the problem, and if I switch the source to TuneIn radio, that also works perfectly through the Dot speaker but adding "in the lounge" produces silence. This tends to suggest there is a break in communication with my Spotify system.

I've checked my wireless network settings and both Sonos Play 5s are using fixed IP addresses in the subdomain. The Echo Dot is also on the same wireless subdomain. The only difference is that the Sonos speakers are both on the 2.4GHz frequency whereas the Dot is using the 5GHz frequency but there are several other examples of this on my LAN and all other devices work perfectly so I am ruling this out.

In desperation this morning, I decided to reset the Dot and start over. However, this turned out to be only a hardware reset of the device because as soon as I reconnected to the router and logged in to my Amazon account, all my settings were downloaded from my Amazon account as they were. I am therefore no further forward with this.

I bought the Dot believing that Sonos works with it. Am I mistaken?

Best answer by jgatie 22 October 2017, 16:15

The problem is support for Spotify is not quite ready. It is expected soon.
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1 reply

The problem is support for Spotify is not quite ready. It is expected soon.