Can Sonos one play and pause certain room speakers?

  • 18 February 2018
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I just bought sonos one speakers. 4 to be exact and have amazon alexa activated on them. I was wondering is it possible to ask alexa to pause or play on certain speakers and pause other ones?

For example If i am playing music on all 4 speakers, but only want music to play in the kitchen speaker is their a way to do that without going into the app?

I want to be able to say. Play music in living room and kitchen only, but when i do that it seems to still play on all of them.

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2 replies

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It's not possible to group or ungroup Sonos players via voice at the moment but you can Mute specific rooms via voice control. e.g. 'Alexa, Mute the Kitchen'
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You can also play and pause in certain rooms but it pauses all the linked ones.