Can Sonos be controlled by one of a number of echo dots?

  • 18 October 2017
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Firstly, apologies if this has been covered before.

Question 1
I have a house full of Sonos, and currently one Echo Dot in the kitchen. So from the kitchen I can control any Sonos speaker in the house.

If I were to buy another one (or more) Echo Dots for other rooms, would I have the same level of control of Sonos (interchangeably) from any of the Dots?

E.g. I if have Dots in bedroom and kitchen and I'd like to :

Via the kitchen Dot, start some music on the lounge Sonos and start TuneIn on the bedroom Sonos.
Walk to the bedroom and via the bedroom Dot, stop the music on the lounge Sonos, start some music on the kitchen Sonos, and stop Tune-in on the bedroom Sonos.

Is this possible? (Note I'm not interested in music or radio coming out of the Dots - I just want to use the Dots to control Sonos speakers.)

Question 2
(Can't try this now as people are asleep...)

Are voice control and control from the Sonos app interchangeable?

Could I use the Kitchen Dot to start music on the lounge Sonos then go in the lounge and use my phone app to turn the change the music etc or see the track being played or edit queue etc.

Similarly could I use the app to start music on Lounge Sonos then walk into kitchen and via Kitchen dot turn down the Lounge Sonos volume or change the track etc.

Hope these questions make sense!

Many thanks


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4 replies

Question 1 - Absolutely. Just as you describe.

Question 2 - Yes, with a couple exceptions. When started via Alexa, the queue is not populated. Controls all work, and the song is displayed, but there is no queue. Also, when playing SiriusXM from Alexa, there is currently no track info. But for all sources, the controls all work from the app and Alexa, and are interchangeable.
Thanks for the quick reply - I think that makes up my mind to use the £25 coupon code I got today.

Do you know if you can use the coupon code to buy a number of Dots at the same time and get £25 off each one (effectively half price)? Or is the code just valid for one Dot?

Also, I notice that Amazon have a promotion where if you buy 3 Dots you save £25. Could I use the two promotions together i.e. buy 3 dots at £24.99 each with the Sonos coupon, and then save another £25 with Amazon's promotion? So it'd come to £49.98 for 3 Dots. (I'm guessing the answer to this one is no - it is pushing things a bit 🙂
Not sure about the discount, haven't gotten mine yet.
Dammit! Just looked in the terms and conditions - Promotional code can be used once per customer and can be used to buy one Echo Dot device. So I'll just order one for bedroom. At less than £25 it's still a good deal !