Can Alexa ask before playing on speakers that were previously grouped.

  • 31 October 2017
  • 2 replies

This morning, I ask the Sonos 1 in my office to play a local news station, I had forgotten that on Sunday all speakers were grouped, needless to says Alexa complied and woke up everyone in the house. 😞
SO it would be great if the Alexa skill recognized that the speaker being targeted realized that it is part of the group, and asked if I wanted to play to the group or just that particular speaker.

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2 replies

At this time, Amazon's Alexa skill set knows very little about third party grouped speakers. It thinks it is playing to a single room, it is the Sonos app that does the grouping. Early next year, Amazon is addressing grouping and other facets of third party multi-room speakers with their new AVS Multi-Room Music SDK. I guess we will see then what this new SDK has for functionality.
Thanks for the reply