Australia idiocy

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I can say to my Beam (and my Sonos Ones) "Alexa - play Faith No More from Amazon Music". I have an Amazon Australia Prime account, which includes music, so it does exactly what I expect.

But if I try to link my account in the Sonos app, and try to browse the catalogue ... I get this message: Amazon Music is only available for Amazon accounts located in (list of other countries).

Meanwhile the Beam is merrily playing away from my Australian Amazon Music account, making a fool of the Sonos app. Clearly it works and is available.

Please fix this idiocy. Having only voice control over Amazon Music song selection on Sonos is stupendously annoying.

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Agree - it is ridiculous - Amazon Music Unlimited has been available to my Amazon account ***located in Australia*** for the last 12+ months - and yet Sonos have failed to update their (iOS and Mac OS) Apps to provide the integrated Amazon Music functionality. TWELVE MONTHS.

Makes you wonder what other functionality Sonos aren't going to bother rolling out to Australia / APAC.

Pathetic support for the region.


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