Audible trough Alexa not working well with Sonos in Italy

  • 27 November 2021
  • 5 replies

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It's been a month at least that asking to read a book does not work anymore. It starts reading but after a certain amount of time (it depends on the book and chapter) Sonos stops saying "song not encoded correctly" access denied. I tried this in 2 completely different systems, different accounts and different homes, and the problem is exactly the same.

The problem is about Sonos speakers, in Italy, with Audible. Other services work as normal.

I ask other Italians in these forums to let Sonos know about this problem.

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5 replies

We have exactly the same issue with Audible in the UK when started using Alexa. Works fine if the Sonos app is used (Sonos Beam)

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Too bad Audible is not available as a service here in Italy on Sonos (incredible but true). We have to use Alexa. And it does not work anymore.

I guess we will have to sell everything and get some echo's, Audible is too important for us.

I have similarly had this issue with Sonos One, Sono Play:5 and Sonos Theater Arc. It is extremely frustrating and causes me to use my Sonos less, since I end up just playing the audible book from my phone instead. I really hope Sonos figures out what’s going on here. 

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This is clearly a problem of Sonos speakers, since I tried the same command in another system and exactly the same happens. My echoes can play correctly.

I even wrote to Audible but I had no answer from them except the “usual” things which clearly don’t help.

Sonos should take care of the problem… but they don’t.

Same issue here and for sure it’s related to SONOS and the Alexa implementation. To be fixed by SONOS