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  • 19 November 2017
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66 replies

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I would say that Sonos I'm sure completely agrees with you. They know that getting Audible back on Sonos has been a complete disaster. I don't know why but they obviously had a lot of issues working with Amazon on re-introducing the intergration. It's not 1 year late it is 2 years late. I'm not excusing Sonos on the issue I'm just providing information that it is in fact really coming finally.
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Well, here we are into February, and my return window will close soon. Voice-enabled Audible still hasn't shown up on my Sonos One, and I'm expecting that it would ultimately be a good 40% of what I'd use the speaker for, so, no willing to gamble on it now showing up, I just initiated a return.

If I haven't bought another solution for my usage by the time it comes back, maybe I'll consider buying the Sonos One again.

Ah, well!
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You buy SONOS for the music not for books.

Actually, one of the reasons I bought Sonos (which at the time worked with Audible) was to listen to Audible books about music. Many of these audio books contain extensive music excerpts.
If Amazon would allow SONOS to stream Audiobooks than SONOS would do it. You buy SONOS for the music not for books.

I assume, it's not a technical issue at all, it's a legal/money issue, pure and simple. Sonos obvioulsy does not want to pay the licence fees for streaming audible contents to amazon, which amazon demands. I just cannot believe, that it takes 2 years to solve al technichal issue. They seem to just not reach an agreement on the terms or on the extend of fees.
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Audible will probably be available when it isn't important anymore and way after you would expect that it will be delivered. So disappointing. I bought an echo as a work around and disable Alexa on the Sonos One.
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I was expecting by 2/27 but looks like its not making it in February as expected. I can't believe it will take long into March. Audible support continues to drag on.
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Hi everyone, I'm spreading the news. Starting today, I can officially announce that Audible is back on Sonos, starting today. See more here in our official announcement post.
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😃 There's always someone along to find downside of any good news.
@chris: ok. your predictions were not as wrong as i thought. actually you came pretty close regarding the date, so i have to admit, that your research was good - regarding the reasons for this whole audible / sonos trouble, im still a little "unfaithful", but well, that doesn't really matter anymore. happy to have audible on Sonos now.
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Hey I’m happy it finally made it. Keep the faith and enjoy your music (and books).
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Saw this posted on another forum FWIW. Hopefully a sign it is coming back after years.
Saw this posted on another forum FWIW. Hopefully a sign it is coming back after years.

There's an alarming image included on top of it. 😉
Na, welches „Vöglein“ da wohl Volker Weber etwas „gezwitschert“ hat 😃
Since they seem to be advertising Audible on their Sonos One marketing welcome emails, I'd suspect it's coming sooner than later.
This is in Amazon’s hands to fix. They have to work on how Alexa processes requests. If I said “play my audiobook in the master bedroom,” she will respond “I can’t find “in the master’s bedroom.” The only thing that Sonos can do is wait. You can play your audible book to AppleTV and, if you have a playbar, go into Sonos and group the speakers for the book (lowering volume on playbar). Or download the book to computer and add to your library to play via Sonos. There are workarounds while they figure things out.
upvote for audible support
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I never saw any predictions it would be 2017. Now if you said January-February 2018 - then I'm on board.
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Well I'm still sticking with Jan-Feb 2018.

It is my understanding that it was Audible that broke the support and it required Audible to get on the ball working with Sonos to fix.
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Ooh, fingers crossed, then. January will still be solidly within my return window.
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Yea bummer it hasn't made it yet. It's been a long time coming. I think there is still hope for early February and I hope my predictions come true.
I still have a Sonos One I bought to test out the system a back around Thanksgiving - and my one-star review is still on Amazon. I was hoping the issue would be fixed by now, as it is about time to upgrade (nine more speakers). Speakers that will not play content I have paid for are unacceptable and useless to me.

That is up to Amazon. As of right now, the Alexa interface can only play what is configured in Alexa, and you cannot configure your local library in Alexa. You should lobby over on the Alexa forum as well as here.
Sounds good ??
I always laugh at people who threaten to throw their Sonos in the trash, when they could very easily sell them for a great return. They are either fools, or they are full of it, and either way, it is quite a silly tantrum to throw.
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This is the response from Audible.

Thank you for contacting Audible!

We completely understand your point regarding playing the audiobooks through Sonos.

We would like to inform you that our Audible development team is working with Sonos Team on it as we received many of our customer's feedback on this issue. As we are working with Sonos team this feature will be available very soon.

Although we are sorry to hear you are unhappy regarding Sonos, we do appreciate your feedback. Constructive criticism in these situations allows us to make changes where there is room for improvement. Comments such as yours provide valuable insight into these matters, so we greatly appreciate that you have taken the time to reach out to us.

As soon as your request becomes available, we will definitely let you know about this through our website.

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused to you. The company is actively working to improve service levels and your feedback has proved to be valuable since you are a valuable customer for us.

Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated in this matter.
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100% incorrect and based on no facts whatsoever.