Annie Lennox in my living room!

  • 11 October 2017
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You’re listening to music in the living room and need to pause the music so you do. You then want to play so you say ‘Alexa play in Living Room’. She then plays Legend in my Living room by Annie Lennox.

I like Annie, who doesn’t but enough! It’s about the 5th time today.

Sonos/Amazon - enough!

Thank you. Moan over.

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1 reply

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Yeah, you need to ask Alexa to resume or play in the room that you want to hear the music in.

So if I say "Alexa play Radiohead in the kitchen" it play songs by Radiohead in the kitchen group ( a stereo pair of Play 1's ), but if I then say "Alexa pause" the music stops, but if I then say "Alexa play" I get Adele playing out of the Echo Dot speaker.

I need to say "Alexa play in the kitchen" or "Alexa resume in the kitchen" to continue listening to Radiohead in the Kitchen.

I'm guessing this is because I have an Adele playlist or song cued up on my Echo.