Amazon prime wont play when I ask Alexa from any of my 9 Sonos devices

  • 19 June 2019
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I have about 12 or so Sonos devices spread throughout my home, about 8 of which are Sonos Ones, Recently, Amazon Prime music has stopped playing on ANY of my Sonos unit when I VERBABLY ask Alexa to play something that is in Amazon Prime and that I have played many times in the past.
The situation is odd for a couple of reasons.
1) All the other music services play without a problem. This problem is ONLY with Amazon Prime music. I have Pandora, Spotify. and iHeart services as well as Amazon Prime. They all work with the Sonos except the Amazon Prime
2) Amazon prime music WILL PLAY when I go to my PC, bring up the Sonos app and open my station guide and CHOOSE a Amazon Prime station.
3) I can still play any Amazon Prime music on my Echo devices (Non of my Echo devices are grouped with my Sonos Units (Damn....I wish they did...a real waste)
4) I have completely UN-grouped and un plugged all my Sonos devices except ONE, and Amazon Prime still didnt work so it doesn't seem to be dependent on the unit grouping
Please Help
Sincerely, Leo Belardinelli

1 reply

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First off please Disable then Enable the Sonos skill in the Alexa App