amazon dot separate from sonos system

  • 3 December 2019
  • 3 replies

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I have a Sonos system - a beam, and two ones downstairs as the main house music system.

Is it possible to have an amazon dot working with alexa independently in a completely separate part of the house (in my kids room) which isn’t affected by the Sonos. Ie can we use Alexa on both devices independently?



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3 replies

By “independently”, do you mean the Dot is not allowed to control the Sonos speakers and vice versa?  Yes, that is possible, but you would need two separate Amazon/Alexa accounts to do it.


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the idea is that its completely separate, and we use the sonos system with alexa downstairs, and he uses his dot in his room, to play music and ask questions to alexa etc in his room..

We have spotify, so i understand that if we are playing music, then he wont be able to.use spotify at the same time if he is online?

So will he be able to play music through his dot if its routed to his ipad music library (downloaded from spotify)?

Will he be able to ask questions to alexa etc if we are playing music/asking questions to our alexa downstairs at the same time?

sorry about all the questions..thanks!





For that type of function, there is no need to have separate accounts.  As to the Spotify question, with a Spotify Family account, you can all play music from your individual family accounts.