Allow multiple WAKE words for Sonos devices connected to Alexa

  • 31 July 2020
  • 1 reply

I have a mixture of Alexa devices and Sonos devices as many people do. These various devices have a nasty habit of randomly responding to the Alexa wake word which causes confusion as often their replies are not hear and multiple commands end up being activated. The ability to change the wake word on Sonos devices would greatly improve the usability of the system. The ability to add a wake word should be added as a feature. For instance you might add ‘beam’ or ‘sonos’ as wake words. I am aware that not everyone is affected by this, but quite a few of your customers are in fact affected. I have a hard time believing that this would be a technically challenging improvement. 

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1 reply

A couple suggestions that can help improve the situation a bit.  First turn off the mic on devices you don’t really need.  For example, if you have an Arc and Echo Show in the same room, Chances are you want the Show to respond for the room, so turn off the mic on the Arc.

Second suggestion is to setup your Alexa devices so that they have a ‘Connected Devices’ Speaker assigned that does the talking for the device.  In other words, you could speak to an echo dot for example and always have the Arc in the room respond to you.  Unfortunately, there are some significant limitations to this, such as you can’t have one speaker be your Alexa speaker and a different speaker be the one that plays music by default.