Alexa won’t let me use the sonos app to play next

  • 4 November 2017
  • 3 replies

Sonos Ignores me is I use play next after starting music with Alexa.

If I play an artist via alexa. Such as ‘Alexa play the lumineers in the living room’

Later I might use the sonos app find an album and select ‘play next’ It says added to queue but it never plays the queue, just continues to listen to alexa playing lumineers songs.

I guess this is an issue with Alexa not queuing songs but sending them individually, it’s very unintuitive
Is there a way to make this work better or improve how sonos and Alexa interact

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3 replies

I haven't run in to this issue, but have you tried "Alexa, play next in the living room", rather than just "Play Next"?

I'd also probably recommend disconnecting the speaker in the Alexa app, and then rediscovering it (them). It sounds like there's something odd about the connection between the Amazon control structure and your Sonos.
Try "Alexa, skip in (room name)".
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Or "Alexa, next track".