Alexa will work with Apple Music on third-party devices 'soon'

  • 19 December 2018
  • 4 replies

How soon? Only Apple and Amazon know at this point. Sounds like the overpriced HomePods are a disappointment to Apple, so they’re going to try to sell more subscriptions to Apple Music, attempting to catch up to Spotify.

At least this isn’t a Sonos limitation. Hopefully, Sonos will jump on this as soon as it’s available from Amazon.

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4 replies

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Hope so, and hope more so outside of the U.S.!
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thank you for the info. looks like sticking with Alexa is a good idea now that google assistant is delayed
I wouldn't read too much of this personally. I know that the article has a picture of a Sonos One, and it's mentioned in the article, but I just don't think Sonos speakers can be lumped in with all the other Alexa enabled devices out there. I do think it will happen, but not on the same timeframe as it will appear on single speaker (non-multiroom speaker system) devices.
It makes me wonder if one of these big companies Apple, Amazon, or Google will choose to leave Sonos (alone) as their 'collaborative conduit', or if one of these BIG THREE will eventually make a 'takeover bid' for Sonos.

The sono $10 share price must be making it quite an attractive acquisition, but on the other hand the BIG THREE need to do much more collaborating on some things and what better way to do that, than via an independent third party company, like Sonos.

What an incredibly ideal position to be in as a new IPO company, eh?

(Disclaimer: I will add that I do not own any 'shares' in any company mentioned in my post here)