Alexa will stop playing a station but won't start one.

  • 20 October 2017
  • 1 reply

I have got an Echo Dot and have successfully setup the the Sonos and Alexa devices. (They are showing as online in the 'Devices' in the Alexa App). I am able to ask Alexa to stop playing a station in a room and this works. However, if I ask Alexa to play a station in a room she repeats back that station and room to play in but then nothing actually happens.

I've done this whilst watching the Sonos Controller on my laptop and can see the room kicking into life, it says "connecting...", but then it never actually connects to the station.

I've tried disabling the skill and re-anabling it but I get the same issue I've been through the forum but not seen this reported by anybody else.

Has anybody else had this problem?

(I have two Play 1s (in separate rooms) and one Play 5).
(Have submitted a diagnostic report too so will update if find a solution).

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1 reply

I Have the same problem! I can also see on the sonos controller that the radio station changes but it doesn't play, it then changes back to the previous station being played. Also, if anyone else is listening to music in another room, the volume mutes when you say alexa even though the echo dot is in a different room. I have 7 separate amps in different rooms and a play 3 - Any help please?