Alexa Volume Too Loud

  • 6 August 2020
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Sonos 1 with Alexa. Fully updated, etc.


I replied to other (seemingly dead) threads a month or so ago about this, but…


I use the device in the house while others sleep, and whilst I can’t hear the playback-audio from the other room with the doors open, I can hear the AI-audio clear-as-day even with two doors closed between. It’s literally waking people up!


Surely the very least the device should do is align the AI-audio volume to the playback-audio volume? An ideal solution would of course allow for the AI to be set independently of the playback. 

1 reply

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Hi @Steakroid.

Thanks for reaching out and we highly appreciate all your feedback.

This is a great suggestion though and I can definitely see the obvious benefit of it, I'll make sure your voice is heard with the team.

It's not the first request for a similar feature from the community. I don't have any details as to if it'll happen, but I’ll switch this thread over to an “idea”, that way people can follow the status in case there is any news in the future. 


Feel free to let us know of any other feature requests you may have for we rely on this feedback to make Sonos a more intuitive system.