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  • 21 March 2019
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Just a follow up to my last post. As I said, I have an Apple TV 4K hooked to my Yamaha AV as I have other equipment hooked to the AV. I no longer have wired speakers, and all we do is stream (Netflix,Crave,Prime) as well as Music Videos from my Computer through iTunes. We have a Beam and two Sonos Ones in surround mode. I do not have ARC so the Beam is connected to the Samsung TV by optical. The AV is hooked to the TV by HDMI. The Apple TV is hooked to the speakers by Air Play 2, I named the speakers Den, and in the Apple TV Settings I have Den Checked Off as Audio Output. I was Experimenting one day and Found that when streaming from Netflix, Crave,Prime and my computer I can say Alexa Pause, Alexa will pause both the Audio and Video, leave the room, walk back in and say Alexa Play and both the Audio and Video begin to play. As pointed out in this Community I should not be able to do that. So, as a follow up I got a hold of both Amazon and Apple Support, and they agree with this Community I should not be able to do it. I am not complaining, it's great, I was just trying to find out How. The only connection I can see in my mind, is that the Apple TV 4K with Air Play 2, is both connected to the TV and to the Sonos , but Apple Says they can't see how that can be. Anyway It is a mystery, I just wanted to follow up with the community. Cassidy

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2 replies

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Hi Cassidy. I went back and looked at your previous thread. Previously, you didn't mention using airplay, I think that's where the video pause is coming from. I'll try to explain.

I original assumed the audio signal was getting to your AppleTV to your Beam through the wired connection. Your AppleTV is connected to the Yamaha, connected to the TV, connected to the Beam. Through this connection, a voice command to pause will not pause the video as the Beam has no way of communicating back to the AppleTV. However, you're using airplay, not the wires, to send an audio signal to the Beam. In this connection, when the Beam pauses , AppleTV knows that the airplay connection has been 'broken', or the Beam isn't playing the audio anymore. So it assumes it should stop the video as well until the connection is 'restored' or the Beam is ready to play audio again.

I'm making an assumption here, but it appears to be operating the same way bluetooth does. If you play music or video on your phone and use bluetooth to play to a bluetooth speaker, the same thing would happen. The audio is going along, but if you pause your bluetooth speaker, or just turn it off, the music or video on your phone will stop.

As a sidenote about airplay 2, that connection is only capable of sending a stereo signal, not a full dolby digital signal like you can get from the wired connection. That's not a problem, just that you won't be getting any surround sound from your Sonos Ones. If you are hearing audio from the Ones now, you have it configured to play stereo from a streaming or airplay source.
Thanks for your reply, I felt it had to have something to do with Airplay.