Alexa timers on Sonos One Gen 2 work intermittently

  • 29 January 2020
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I have a Sonos One 2nd gen in my kitchen with Alexa setup on it.  Sometimes when I ask Alexa to start a timer the Sonos One tells me the timer is set.  When that happens the timer always sounds an alarm at the end of the timer. 

Sometimes when I ask for a timer the Sonos One doesn’t respond but the lights on top flash like they have received the request.  (In such a case, if I ask the Sonos One Alexa if a timer is set I am told the timer is set and the time remaining on the timer.) And sometimes that timer goes off despite Alexa not affirmatively stating that the timer was set.  But for most of the time when Alexa does not audibly confirm a timer was set at the time the request is made the Alexa timer does not go off on the Sonos One.  I checked the Alexa app on my phone today after that happened and it showed the timer was set and I checked it after the timer was supposed to go off.  The timer showed on the Alexa app that it had reached zero but the alarm never went off.  Not a sound. 

For what it’s worth I have an IFTTT integration setup whenever an Alexa timer goes off it triggers the Hue lights throughout my house to flash for a few seconds.  This works without fail whenever an Alexa timer goes off. 

I don’t know if the IFTTT integration might be causing the issue but when the Sonos One fails to go off at the end of the timer neither the Sonos One makes a sound nor do my lights flash.  And for the avoidance of doubt, when the Sonos One does go off at the end of an alarm the lights always flash.  So I doubt that is the issue but I want to be as complete as possible in case it matters. 

Does anyone else experience this unreliability with timers sometimes going off?  Has anyone found a solution?


1 reply

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@smartish home Thank you for bringing this to the Sonos Community. Maybe one of the Community members have experience with this and can respond to your question with any tips to try.