Alexa still reporting incorrect volume over a year later

  • 13 October 2021
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I always use Alexa to set the volume on my Sonos system (Beam, Sub and 2xOne SL) I usually ask her to confirm the volume once set, but now she is reporting it back incorrectly.

So if the volume was set to 1 initially and I ask Alexa to set volume to 3 then ask “Alexa, what is the volume for living room?” She will advise that volume is 1, even though it’s set to 3 as she is now louder.

Steps I’ve taken to fix:

Disable and enable the Sonos skill in the Amazon Alexa App. 
Removed the Alexa voice service in the Sonos app and added it again too and powered off the Sonos beam. All to no avail  

However, what I did notice was Alexa would confirm the correct volume level after enabling the Sonos Skill in the Alexa App or removing and adding the Alexa voice service in the Sonos app, it kinda acts like a reboot but if you change the volume and ask her to confirm it happens again immediately. 

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1 reply

Which Alexa device are you asking?  The Beam or do you have a separate Alexa enabled device, an echo device perhaps, that you are speaking to?  Do you have an Alexa group setup or anytihng else by the name ‘Living Room’.

My guess would be that Alexa is telling you the volume of her voice, not the volume of the music playing.  Something along those lines.