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Alexa will not connect to my sonos roam correctly- it will respond but then not play news, flash briefing, or music. All of my sonos devices (roam, beam, and move) will not play spotify through alexa. I have called support twice, and already tried the following:

  • On sonos app: disconnect and reconnect devices
  • On alexa app: 
    • Disable sonos skill and enable again 
    • Disable spotify skill and enable again
    • Delete all sonos devices and add again
    • Deregister all sonos devices and register again

None of these things have resolved the issue. I was told to post on beta community but I don’t have any projects open so cannot post on that board.

One of the reasons I bought the roam was for handsfree use of Alexa and to play music with spotify- none of these things are working. 


Same here. My other Sonos products are working with Alexa OK (well, as OK as Alexa ever gets...) but my brand new Roam is utterly useless with Alexa. Like you, she says she’s understood and is going to play something, but…. nothing. Radio, Spotify, everything is hopeless. Maybe connects one time in 10 attempts. And if I give a new instruction while she IS playing something, all that happens is that the volume drops right down for a minute or so, then the original content keeps playing. Spent 2 hours on the phone with support this morning. Couldn’t fix it. They sent me a long email of instructions. I did everything with great care. No good. This is rubbish!

Did you get this working. I have a similar issue where Roam won’t read me the news or play my Audible book using Alexa. It says it’s going to, but nothing happens. Both these things worked fine on my Sonos Move (and my Amazon Echos). It just seems to be Roam that’s not happy. It does play music from my Amazon account though using Alexa - so it half works! 

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I have 2 echo dots that are still working with spotify/ playing the news. The alexa app says I have to use a connected device to use spotify though, like you mentioned. 


Thanks for your insight- it’s strange that it’s just the roam that won’t play the news (my other sonos devices still will). The spotify issue is for all of the sonos.

Do you have any Amazon echo’s in your house?  If so do they work with Spotify?  Another option to test is to try that spotify voice command in the Alexa app and see how it responds.  I’m not allow that as I think the Alexa and Amazon music apps will only play Amazon music.  

I’m just trying to see if this is an Alexa problem or a Sonos problem.  I do think it’s Alexa though, based on the response you’re getting back.  Alexa is running validation and rejecting the command before it’s sent to Sonos.


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When I ask my move to play spotify (“alexa play spotify”)- it says “to play spotify enable the skill and link your account”. I have done both things but still not working.

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Yes- I’m able to play spotify through the spotify app and the sonos app, just nothing works with alexa

Can you play Spotify through the Sonos app? And I assume you’re using the same Spotify account in both Alexa and  Sonos.