Alexa - Sonos has stopped telling me info on song that's playing

  • 18 August 2019
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I often listen to my huge personal music library stored in an NAS. But ocassionally, I listen to Spotify. I am an album-oriented listener and create playlists by selecting several different albums rather than singles. And ever since I've hooked up Alexa with my Sonos system, I could ask what song is currently playing and it replies as I expect it to, giving the artist name, album and song title.

A few days ago, after the Sonos app was updated, Alexa stopped giving me the song information I ask of it like before. But if I ask the same question and the music source is a streaming service like Spotify it gives the song title and artist.

Was this change made in the recent app update?

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2 replies

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Same here. Worked ok until recently but now "alexa - what's playing on xxx" gets the answer "I don't have information on what's playing on xxx", though it's the same files as were previously played.

Same problems here