Alexa plays in another Echo instead of Sonos

  • 20 October 2017
  • 8 replies

I've tried following the instructions for setting up the Alexa-Sonos integration. Alexa finds all the Sonos speakers, so that much works.

However, when I try to say for example "Alexa, play [TuneIn show] in the Living Room", Alexa plays TuneIn in the living Echo instead of the living room Sonos. This happens with all the Sonos speakers I have. Alexa always plays it on one of the Echos.

The Echos were originally named "Living Room Echo" etc, but I changed that to see if the problem was conflicting names. No luck.

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8 replies

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Have you tried "Play xxxx on Living Room Sonos"? That works for me then subseqent audio commands (volume, track change, pause etc) all work on the Sonos without needing its name.
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You probably have your Sonos speaker and echo the same name. The best workaround I have found is go in and rename my echos "Room" then name. So in your example leave Sonos called Living Room and rename the Echo "Room Living Room".

The word room in front of the echo name keeps it from being recognized as speaker your trying to play to. For me I chose Room because I use the intercom feature so I can say "Alexa drop in on Room Living Room" Still is natural enough for different rooms and keeps the 2 devices from being confused.
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oniiranen mentioned that he tried changing the names of the rooms, but it's possible that hasn't gone through yet. I'd suggest rebooting your Echo devices, then discover devices on Alexa. Let us know how it goes.
Changing names and restarting did not work. It still just plays in the other Echo devices, not Sonos.
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Just making sure, but after you change any names, you need to tell Alexa to discover devices.

If you're still having trouble, can you disable the Alexa skill then re-enable it and discover again?
I have the same issue as the OP., but how does one know what the name of the Echo is, what the name of the Sonos is, let alone how to change one or the other?
In the Alexa app under Smart devices you will see all connected devices. Make sure there are no duplicates.
There is a duplicate of "family room". No idea how it got there