Alexa "Play music in the living room" not a working feature?

  • 26 October 2017
  • 1 reply

The majority of the advertising for the new Sonos with Alexa integration revolves around being able to tell Alexa to play music in the kitchen, the bedroom, everywhere, etc. but it seems that the Sonos app is overriding Alexa. It will say "Playing Ben Folds on Living Room" but then nothing happens. Is there a way to set this up differently? Am I doing something wrong? All of my devices are recognized within the Alexa app and the Sonos app.

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1 reply

If you already had "living room" set up in your alexa account you may have encountered what Amazon says is a bug they are aware of. It seems that when I added the Sonos One called "Living Room" to my account it destroyed the lighting setup that was also called "Living Room". Seems that the Alexa and/or Sonos app don't check to make sure you don't have the same name already enabled for some other device/scene.