Alexa on Sonos move does not hear very well

  • 1 June 2020
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Alexa seems great, however, the few issues I am having is although I speak within 1 metre of the speaker, Alexa does not always hear my questions and answers, approx 3 in 10 times she will not respond, I have to walk up with 40 cms of the speaker and talk loud at the speaker.

Standing at 1 metre distance I have to talk at very loud volume and often have to repeat my request 4 times to get Alexa to respond. This includes during quiz shows games, Asking her to play a radio station, or the news, everything.


1 reply

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Hello @stevet000ab,

Welcome to the Sonos community and thank you for reaching out with your Amazon Alexa issue.

While there isn’t a way to adjust the microphone sensitivity either through the Sonos app or the Alexa app, it’s a little odd that she should have so much trouble hearing you.

Where do you have your Sonos speaker locaated? Is it in an enclosed area or is this player out in the open?

Does she ever give a response that she doesn’t understand or is it only that she doesn’t hear you or respond?

Does the issue resolve if you remove Amazon Alexa from your voice services and then set Alexa back up?

Do you have other Alexa enabled echos or dots in your Smart Home set-up?

If you could submit a diagnostic report from your system we may be able to see if there is something interfering with your voice service.

Please be sure to include the confirmation number so that we can have a look.