Alexa on Beam not controlling other devices

  • 7 June 2019
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I have one Play:3 (Bedroom) + 2 Play:1s (Living Room). They are not voice activated and I have them grouped together to play my music. I used to use an Echo Dot with Alexa to control them, but I have disconnected the Dot now.

I have now bought a Beam (Family Room) that I have set up with Alexa on the Beam. The Beam is connected to my TV as I only want the TV to play through the Beam.

I want Alexa to control the other speakers as my Echo Dot did. However, when I am playing music (Spotify) through the Bedroom/Living Room group, Alexa on the Beam is not responding. It will not control the other speakers, such as pause or change track for instance.

When I go on to the Alexa app it says Device (Beam) offline. I have tried a search for devices, but it says no new devices found.

When I stop the music on the Bedroom/LivingRoom group and ask Alexa to play my Playlist it responds but plays the music on the Beam only.

I am asking the impossible?

What am I doing wrong?
What can I do?

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2 replies

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Please power the Bean down for 10 secs and then power back on and retest.
If the suggestion from UKMedia doesn’t solve it, then goto the Beams “Family Room” room settings in the Sonos App and remove/re-add the Alexa voice service in the section entitled “voice services” and ask Alexa to rescan for devices.

Hopefully the “Family Room” and “Family Room TV” will then be the only two devices showing in the Alexa App device list .. anything else needs to be removed as it will just be a duplicate.

You could also go onto remove and reinstall the Sonos Skill manually in the Alexa App, but if you do decide to do that, then just make sure the Alexa voice service is still showing in the Family Room settings.