Alexa no longer recognizes sonos skill

  • 3 June 2020
  • 1 reply

Recently, my sonos 1’s stopped working/responding to commands for playing music. When I ask Alexa to play Spotify, it responds by saying I need to enable the sonos skill (already enabled) and discover devices (already discovered). They will play if I use the sonos app or the alexa app or the spotify app however. I have disabled and re-enabled the sonos skill, i have unregistered the speakers and re-registered and discovered them but nothing seems to work. Help!

1 reply

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Hi @briansl1976 

You seem to have done everything except sign-out of the Alexa app and sign-in again. Give that a try. If problem persists I suggest you submit a diagnostic, post the reference ID in this forum and call Sonos tech support (Mon thru Fri) or contact them via Twitter (24/7).