Alexa music not working on Sonos One

When I try to play Spotify music by voice with Alexa, the shuffle mode repeats songs after 2 or 3 different ones. Also, when playing a radio station with the Slacker Radio skill, the same song keeps repeating after the first song or two. Any suggestions?

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Please Disable the Sonos skill in the Alexa App and then Re-Enable.
Thanks. I tried this, but it did not resolve the problem.
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If you turn shuffle off does it work okay?
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Hi slainte

I'm not a Spotify user so I may be completely off base. However, I do know that too complex of a command will confuse Alexa. As I understand Shuffle play for Spotify you set it in the Spotify App. That being the case I'd try setting Shuffle play in the Spotify App and just ask Alexa to play Spotify. Here's a link on Shuffle Play for Spotify and the info I found below.



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