Alexa Music Commands - Intermittent Failure - Sonos Ones - Spotify

  • 26 November 2018
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Can anyone advise what might be causing the following issue please?

I currently have 3 Sonos Ones and I have Spotify configured via the Amazon Alexa App.

Each speaker is in a separate room and potentially connected to different powerline adapters (which clone my router in all areas of the house and garden, with each speaker close to either the router or an adapter).

I have noticed an intermittent issue, usually when I get home from work and the speakers have not been used all day other than my wife may play the radio. To explain what happens:

- If I call up Alexa to play music (for example by Michael Jackson) this action is successful.
- When I ask Alexa to stop or skip or any other music control command, Alexa sounds but does not carry out the command.
- If I then ask Alexa to play BBC Radio 1 (via TuneIn) it will switch successfully and play BBC radio 1.
- If I ask Alexa to stop (the radio) it will stop.
- If I then ask for Michael Jackson again, Alexa will play via Spotify successfully
- When I ask Alexa to stop or skip or any other music control command, Alexa sounds and carries out the command successfully.

This seems to happen intermittently on any of the speakers.

To confirm this happens when none of the speakers are grouped.

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1 reply

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Also, ive tried all the factory reset, reenabling apps etc and although it might clear the command not working issue it does not fix the issue permanently