Alexa Issues

  • 25 November 2017
  • 2 replies

I just bought 2 new Sonos Ones (I already own 2 Play:1’s and a Play:3)

I have 1 Sonos One upstairs and 1 Downstairs

I keep having issues where the Flash Briefing (which was launched a few days ago in the UK) will work fine a few times; but after an hour or so it will start only giving the first ‘skill’ on my Downstairs Alexa, and none on the Upstairs Alexa.

For example, I have it set to read the Weather first, and then BBC News headlines. It will give me both just fine for a while, but after a little while my downstairs Alexa will only read the weather, and the upstairs Alexa will say ‘here’s your flash briefing’ but then nothing at all.

Oddly, this problem seems to fix itself after a while (particularly after I ask Alexa to play music from both Alexas - it seems to resolve itself briefly, but the problem will reoccur after some more use and voice commands). It’s interesting that the downstairs one will always play the first skill when this issue happens, and the upstairs doesn’t play either

I’ve also been having an issue when I ask my upstairs Alexa to play music, and then I say ‘Alexa, Pause’. It will sometimes tell me ‘I can only use voice commands when music playback is on...’. Clearly the music is on though... This seems to happen only in my upstairs Alexa

It feels like somehow the connection for the two Alexas are confusing itself, as the problems seem to come up after I’ve been giving a lot of commands to them (sorry... I know this is probably not very clear!)

My Diagnostic number is: 8133377

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2 replies

I have a similar problem with my sonos one when calling the flash briefing.
My problem is that it will only give me my first briefing on a continuous basis .
I have no other device from Sonos on the network.
Downloaded recent upgrades to the Sonos App and Flash Briefing is working fine (Tues 12/12)