Alexa integration not working on ZP80

  • 7 October 2017
  • 5 replies

I am useing sonos v 8 with a zp80 and Amazon echo, and when I say Alexa play xxxx on zp80 it simply resumes the song that was paused in the queue rather than starting the requested song (xxx). Seems to work fine on the play 3, but Alexa integration seems broken on older players (zp80 &100)

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5 replies

Works great on my ZP80. Is your Room name actually ZP80? You need to specify the Room name, not the model of Sonos device. If your room is named 'Living Room' you need to say, "Alexa, play jazz in the Living Room."
The zone is actually called Garden Room - i just used the name zp80 for simplicity. if i say alexa play jazz in garden room. It simply resumes whatever was playing before. Works fine if i use a different zone which is a olay5. The fact that yiurs works in a zp80 is good as it means its not an issue with older olayers
I would submit a diagnostic and post the reference number.
I had the same problem them realised it was because the echo dot and connect amp both had the same name. Changing the connect amp to "kitchen Sonos" got it working. A pain too have to do this though.
Thanks, that helpful. My sonos zone and echo do have the same name. I am away at the mo, but will give this a try when I hpget back