Alexa in Portuguese-br

  • 18 October 2019
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I would like to know if sonos plans to release alexa to Brazil in portuguese-br.

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38 replies

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I am facing the same problem. Amazon Alexa is now supported in Brazil using Portuguese, but to change the Alexa on my Sonos One Gen2 it’s necessary to enter the Sonos app and in the languages list for Alexa Portuguese is not available (it's not in the list).


Now that Alexa supports Portuguese, I think it’s only necessary Sonos add this new language to the app.


I hope Sonos update the app soon in order to support this change.

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I have the same doubt. Alexa has just arrived in Brazil (portuguese-br) and day after day I tried to update my Sonos app to be able to choose portuguese-br as my default language for Alexa in Sonos with no success.


Are any plans to support portuguese?

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hey Airgetlam, thanks for the reply!

Amazon just released Alexa in portuguese-br I just want to know if Sonos will suport it. Once brazil and portuguese are not listed on supported countries

Hey everyone. I would like to thank you for all the feedback.

Sonos is always trying to expand our regional support with Alexa and other voice services.

Although we do not have a projected date for when the Alexa service will be available on Sonos in Brazil, 

I would be happy to create a feature request for this and send it up the pipelines within Sonos.

Alexa support for Brazil have been a highly requested feature and I urge everyone to monitor the Community 

for any updates that may be announced in the future.

@Adam S 


    Any update ? 

   At this point all Alexa devices can speak portuguese with no issues (this function is stable).

   I understand that you will have to add a new entry in popup in Sonos app to set to pt-BR, but other than that all the voices are coming from Amazon , so not really sure why you need spend time developing this feature if the feature is provided by Amazon. This will make all Sonos users that want this feature in Brazil and around the world using Alexa with Sonos speakers happy.




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Same issue here, I have a Sonos beam and the Sonos app doesn’t support Portuguese yet. Waiting for the update.

I’m facing the same issue, I have 1 Sonos Beam and 2 Sonos One, none of those three work with Alexa in Brazil. At the same time I have an Amazon Echo that works perfectly for me in Brazil… But I would prefer to use my Sonos system with Alexa instead of my Echo.

The same for me. I have Sonos One and Sonos Beam. Just waiting for a new release from Sonos to make Alexa works in Brazil. 

Any update from the Sonos team?

Same here, 

Sonos app should have the option of portuguese in the language options, currently i see only English (US, Canada, UK, Australia), German, French, Japanese, Canadian French, Spanish (Spain and Mexico) and Italian. No sign of portuguese. 



Its not possible to create a ticket for development ?

The Sonus its a very expensive gadget to not provide any support, where is the support team to give us any news about that ?


This is very frustrating. Bought a number of Sonos Ones to replace the HomePod we currently have but didn't know it wasn't ready for Portuguese yet. You assume that if Alexa is available in Portuguese, Sonos having "Alexa built-in" as advertised, will support it. Well, I was wrong. 

Hopefully the team can implement this soon. NPS detractor right here. o/

This would be a question you should be asking Amazon. Sonos is only a method to get your voice transmitted to them. 

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I don't see yet Portuguese as a Language option for Alexa, Alexa already have that on Echo devices but missing on my Beam. Any news?


Experiencing the same problem. It’s totally unpractical to have two different languages on my home, once my echo dots speak Portuguese. Seriously considering getting rid of Sonos, unfortunately.



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Hi Adam,

Thank you for the response. I’m looking forward to be able to speak Portuguese to Alexa and be able to hear the news in Portuguese as well. She reads news that are in Portuguese as American english which makes it impossible to understand what she is saying. Also she can’t play music by Brazilian bands/singers as she can’t figure it out the names… so I can ask music to be played by Metallica or Coldplay without any issue, but if I ask for Caetano Veloso or Paralamas do Sucesso, she can’t figure it out the band or singer which is really annoying. I’m currently speaking english to Alexa as this is the only option I have, for my surprise Italian and other languages are also available.   Regards, Cesar 

I can't use Alexa in Portuguese along with my Sonos system. I was about to buy the new Sonos One, but my family won't be able to use in English. =/

Honestly it is difficult to understand, more than a year with alexa's service in brazil, and sonos has not yet enabled its device. What is the problem with Brazilians

Eu comprei minha Sonos Move no início de 2020. Um dos grandes fatores que me fez tomar essa decisão foi o selo da amazon certificando a integração com o sistema Alexa. Configurei nos Eua em inglês e voltei para o Brasil. Depois de alguns meses parou de funcionar e eu nunca mais consegui habilitar. Agora, estou automatizando a minha casa, tive que comprar dois amazon echo dot e simplesmente não consigo tocar música na minha Sonos Move (que eu tanto gosto do som) ao mesmo tempo. Vendo todas as perguntas aqui e falta de uma atitude prática pelo time Sonos, estou decidido de vendê-la para substituir por algum dispositivo que seja 100% integrado. Acho que é mais útil usarmos esse espaço para discutirmos sobre qual produto (que não Sonos) devemos comprar com integração total à Alexa? Qual vcs indicam para eu substituir minha Sonos Move?


I bought my Sonos Move on the early 2020. The feature that made me decide for it was the fake Amazon Alexa integration. I set it up in the US, it worked, and then came back to Brazil . After some months Alexa had stopped working. Now that Im getting home automation seriously I had to buy two amazon echo dots to control my smart devices. My Sonos move became useless since I’m not even able to play songs at the same time along with my other smart speakers. I’m truly feeling frustrated about this lie. Sonos should not be able to use Amazon Alexa seal since it’s not available everywhere. We live in a globalized world guys.. common!! I just arrived in this forum and seeing all the frustrated pals and not even one action from Sonos team but “ok, we’re sending your concern to our team” for more than one year I just decided to sell my Sonos Move. That said, I think we should use this space to discuss about alternative devices that could replace our useless non amazon alexa Sonos. What is an equivalent speaker that is Amazon Alexa friendly for Sonos Move? What would you buy instead? Thank you all!

What the hell sonos!  We are waiting for  MORE then 1 year and we still cannot use alexa in portuguese in your product!



More then 1 (ONE), yes, ONE YEAR ago, Amazon released the support for alexa in portuguese.  You deliver your product advertising ALEXA SUPPORT with a alexa dial on top of it, can you PLEASE, STEP UP and just make the skill able to be installed in the BRASILIAN ALEXA APP?  Jezus Christ, how hard is this that takes over one year to make?



Still waiting some Sonos app update to put alexa in Portuguese. This is really frustrating! Best sound quality, worst app development

Mate, I actually made it work by changing my amazon account to the US, installing Sonos skill and then changing back to Brazil again. Not hard to do, on youtube you can find how to do it.

There is someone from Sonos that reads that? My felling is that we discuss that for more than a year but no one in Sonos even look this posts. Are there a way to send a question to Sonos officially? Just to make sure they know that many customers are not satisfied. 

Should not be so complicate as Alexa is already in pt. I have other appliances that don’t have Portuguese but they let you use Alexa in pt. Not 100% ok but most of the things works fine and good enough is better than perfect. Why Sonos does not work like that too?

It is a shame that a so good company is not looking those details. 

I can’t believe this. Sonos app dev is AWFULL. If I knew it was like this I would not buy it. 

Where is the support for portuguese? Is that so difficult to make happen? Omg


Esperando sentado, há quase 1 ano, essa atualização Sonos, para liberar o Alexa em Português do Brasil.