Alexa Frustration

  • 1 December 2018
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I'm having trouble getting Alexa to play any music or radio through my Sonos system or to completely set up routines to do the same. When I tell it to play a certain radio station or to play music by an artist, it responds and tells me it is going to to it....and then nothing. If I'm playing the TV, it quiets the TV, listens to the command, responds like I just stated, waits a couple of seconds and then the TV starts playing again at normal volume.

In the routine I set up for morning (weather, traffic and then to start a radio station)....I first get a message that "audio actions and routines are currently not supported" and then the weather plays, the traffic plays and then nothing.

I have no issues doing the same with an echo dot that I own in another part of the house.

Any ideas?


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1 reply

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I disabled the skill and then enabled the skill and it fixed not playing music or the radio. The audio action of playing the station in the routine won't work and that must be related to the message that I was getting first when I started the routine. I guess I'll use Google Home to start my day.