alexa false triggers

  • 10 May 2020
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hello I see that this a common subject on this forum but I couldn’t find any satisfactory answer. About 2 years ago, most of these discussions were closed with the arrival of a software update but on my system consisting of Sonos Ones and Beam, I constantly experience this problem. Language is set to French. And it keeps chiming for no reason: a noise, a knife put down on the table, in the middle of a conversation where you wonder how thee software made a connection to the word Alexa…

I disconnected Alexa on all speakers, reset Alexa by logging out and in again, reinstalled Alexa on all speakers: no improvement.

I spoke to an Amazon technician who would only recommend to factory reset all my speakers… which I didn’t want to do (takes so long to do the truplay settings again)

any recent solution that I have missed on the forum?

thank you

1 reply

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Hi @ctrlalt. Thanks for posting. Unintentional activation of the Alexa can have a range of causes. Due to the nature of this issue, I would recommend giving us a call, so we may troubleshoot live with you. The additional tools our phone agents have will be of good use in this case.