alexa false triggering

  • 20 June 2019
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I tell you my situation ..
3 sonos one all with the same problem, continuous random activations and without invocation ...
I have contacted technical assistance dozens of times and for hours of phone calls, created new sonos and amazon accounts, changed routers, connected to ups, changed rooms and homes ... dozens of diagnoses sent and eventually speaker replacements 2 times
Now they sent me the new generation of diffusors, even these the same problem ..
Obviously they have always told me that all over the world only I have this problem .. Constant updates but never solved, now I have given up, I keep the speakers because they sound divinely but I turned off the microphones and I won't use them again until they really solve ...

2 replies

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I also get the occasional false trigger on my Sonos One's and Echo Dot's but the frequency is pretty much the same across all devices. As such, I don't see this so much as a Sonos Issue rather than Alexa learning.
for me the situation is different. My Echo dot is never activated randomly while sonos are at least 10 times a day.
If it were a recognized Alexa problem they wouldn't replace the speakers twice ...
Thank you