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I have a new Alexa enabled Sonos beam connected to a Samsung TV. In addition we have 3 other Sonos speakers. If we ask Alexa to stream music from one of the named speakers, for example, kitchen, it only plays it on that device and stops it on the beam. If we set up groups in the Alexa app (as is suggested) then these seem to become the default  - for example set up a group to include the beam, kitchen and dining room and from then on all music automatically streamed through all 3. Our desired set up is:


Beam (named Lounge) on its own as default

Group of beam in lounge, dining room and kitchen as a group to be able to be requested but not default 

Additional groups if possible, but when attempting to set up additional groups can to add beam as preferred speaker.

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Hello, @ahs,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out with your question.

I was able to set up something like you describe by leaving my primary voice enabled speaker as its own group in Alexa ( in your case this would be lounge) and then selecting a different “Group” in Alexa  (Kitchen, for instance as long as this doesn’t overlap with any other smart-home device names) and adding the lounge and dining room along kitchen as preferred speakers. 

If you are able to try this, please keep us posted on if you are successfully able to group and control playback in this way.    

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You might want to look at my old post here for the different Alexa Grouping options.