Alexa Echo Cube too loud over Playbar

  • 18 July 2019
  • 3 replies

Oh my gosh, I have seen issues with the Sonos 1, and I have two of them and truthfully it is not that loud. However, I just added a Alexa Cube through an LG TV to my Playbar. Although you can control the volume of what ever you are watching, the Alexa volume is at a 10 ALL THE TIME.

I spent an hour with Amazon, and they say it is a Sonos problem. Not sure how it is, but I am looking for help.

The loudness of the Cube makes the Sonos 1 sound like a whisper.

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3 replies

I have the same setup but haven't noticed anything, though I rarely use the cube by voice anymore. Your playbar isn't going to know the difference between normal TV audio and audio coming from the cube. That said, I imagine Alexa is mostly going through 'speech enhancement' so I imagined turning that off would help. Of course, that could result in a negative for normal TV watching.

Haven't looked at the cube settings in a long time, but I don't recall a setting to have the cube use it's own speakers all the time instead of pushing it to the TV speakers.
Thanks. I have speech enhancement off, and have tried all settings for Audio. It's all the same. Super Loud responses.
If I remember, I'll try and take a look at my setup and see if I notice anything.

FYI, the reason I don't use mine much anymore is because I have an echo show in the same room (dffierent wake word). The show can turn the tv on and off, so the only thing I need the cube to really do is change inputs and channels. I use a lot of smart TV streaming apps these days...