Alexa Drop-In on Sonos One

  • 29 October 2017
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33 replies

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Been a long time waiting for this feature and still nothing. Also just wondering here does anyone from Sonos ever comment on these concerns their customers have or Ammi silly and misguided to think that a company would create a community for its users so they could actually communicate to us about issues raised . . . . . Very disilusioned
At this time, Calling and Drop In are Echo exclusives, Alexa enabled devices do not have this ability. This includes Amazon's own Alexa enabled Fire TV and Tablets.
Spotify by December 21, the Drop In feature Amazon has designated as Echo only for now, so there is no timeline until Amazon changes their mind.
To be fair not all constraints are due to a desire to restrict features and prevent competition. Sometimes there are technical reasons why a given feature can only be supported within the native infrastructure of a product. I suspect there are a lot of rapidly evolving feature areas in Alexa that would be a challenge for Sonos to keep up with using their normal pace of development. This could be one of them. There might also be a significant lag in how fast Amazon can implement new features vs. how fast they can update the API to permit 3rd parties to use those same features.
Todoke... the Sonos speakers are already superior to Amazon speakers and I’d argue the user base is different and the competitive overlap is small.

Parity on Alexa features will not significantly change that. Drop-In support to Sonos would be significant for Sonos users but does little to change the competitive landscape v Amazon.
That's up to Amazon. For now, they are limiting the Drop In feature to Echo devices only.
I’m always amazed at people who refuse to listen to simple facts. Amazon doesn’t allow this feature on devices other than their own. Go whine at Amazon!
Really I wasn't aware that it was whining by stating a simple fact. Had Sonos had the decency in the first place to advertise the Sonos One with LIMITED Alexa integration then there would probably not be so many posts across the internet complaining about the issue. False advertising in my book is something I feel able to complain about having spent a lot of money on something without it being deemed as "whining".

Sonos cannot be responsible for your assumptions. It's just that simple. Below is the link where Sonos says what you can with Alexa:

If you go view the product on Amazon, it even says not all Alexa commands work.

No where does it say that you can do drop in's or sync with other non-sonos alexa devices. It does not promise that you can do everything you can do with an echo. Although it certainly has been done before, a company is not required to advertise all the things that a product doesn't do. I understand why assumptions are made, and the resulting disappointment when assumptions aren't met. I just can't see how you can call that false advertising.

I have little doubt that Sonos (and other companies with Alexa enabled devices) discussed how they would communicate this issue with their legal and advertising department. I suppose I would prefer companies try and anticipate assumptions made about product features, but it typically isn't good advertising to tell customers all the things your product can't do.

It's just my opinion, but given the massive volume of products available today, and the equally massive availability of information about these products, the ability to ask questions about products...why not take the time to research? I get that you may not even know what questions to even ask, but you'll often find answers to questions I didn't even think to ask rather quickly.