Alexa connected to Sonos

  • 3 January 2018
  • 5 replies

I have a Sonos Connect, Sonos 3 speaker and an Echo. I would like to play music from iTunes or from the Sonos Connect through the Sonos 3 using Echo. I have connected the Echo through the Sonos App. How do I make this happen by talking to Alexa?

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5 replies

The only music that can be initiated on Sonos via Alexa are the currently supported Alexa services:

Amazon Music
TuneIn Radio
Pandora (Not available in the UK)
iHeartRadio (Not available in the UK)
SiriusXM (Not available in the UK)

You can initiate playback from any music source, such as local music library, using the Sonos app, and basic playback commands, such as play/pause, volume and skip, will work via Alexa voice control.
Are you saying I can't play my own music on Sonos Connect through the Sonos 3? That makes no sense. I play music from my desktop iTunes via Alexa all the time.
Note that he said "via Alexa". You can't use voice commands for things not on that list. You can, however, use the controller app on whatever device you choose to cover all other things that Sonos normally covers.
I will just have to figure it out for myself. All you have done is try to tell me I am not able to do what I have been doing.
You can indeed use voice commands for volume, skipping, continuing, stopping, resuming etc. I've tried many times to play a specific NAS based playlist, and have been unsuccessful. As has been discussed in the main thread by Ryan S, as long as the playback is initiated on the controller device, many of the other commands will work.

If you've had success telling Alexa to play a playlist on your local server, would you be so kind as to share how? I'd be most interested in that.