Alexa breaks Sonos app for SiriusXM?

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For nearly two years, I have had good results with a Sonos Play:1 controlled by the iOS app. I could use the app to call up SiriusXM and Tunein stations. Over the holidays, I added an Amazon Echo Spot. I can now use Alexa to call up the Sirius channels (when I can remember their names). But Alexa seems to have broken Sirius on the app. When I try to play the channels via the app, I got an error message that they are “temporarily unavailable.” After looking at a few postings in these forums, I deleted Sirius as a music service on the app and tried to re-activate it. But now the app won’t let me log into Sirius. I can still play the satellite channels by asking Alexa, and I can still use the app to call up Tunein stations. Is there a suggested solution?

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Hi, Sherr. First step is to open the Alexa App and remove the Sonos Skill and then re-Enable. If that doesn’t work, please see this thread here. Please let us know how you get on.

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