Alexa/Audible and Sonos?

  • 5 October 2017
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36 replies

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Alexa enabled devices can't do everything alexa can do. Actually many alexas can't do what other alexas can do so hard to call it a lie. There is actually an amazon page that shows all the things certain alexas can do and others can't. The Alexa Show is the only Alexa device that can actually do every alexa ability.

Glad your the Alexa expert!
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I don't believe Audible support coming is just Audible for Alexa. I believe it should be full blown support not just support playing via voice command. That's a lot more than some basic Audible for Alexa. I'm sure those waiting for support would be very unhappy if they just enabled Alexa to do Audible.

And as far as Alexa on Sonos - they have said its still a work in progress - yes it takes them time.
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I never claimed to ever speak for the community. You seem to be the one that makes all the assumptions here without any facts. I just state the facts I know so people are aware.

And I will be here in a month and you will go on your merry way playing your audible and finding someone else or some other company to belittle on another forum.
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Whatever - look forward to you being gone next month when it comes to Sonos.
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You should mark that as the answer to this thread
I agree with everyone. They say they're working on it, but can't even say what stage they're at. Is it in testing? Are they only at the brainstorming stage? After 2+ years of little to no information, I wouldn't know which to bet on. Very disappointing. And now with other products catching up, I wonder how much of a priority this is for them.
I’ve been waiting a year now...

seriously disappointed with Sonos and their inability to commit to a fix date.

Promoting your product with Alexa that isn’t fit to be call Sonos Alexa is fake marketing.

You don’t have a release date or you are refusing to share demonstrates the difference between a company like Apple who delivers on release dates

and Sonos who seriously is losing good will from people who purchased Sonos and wants simple audible functionality...

ie play a book on audible and it comes out of a Sonos speaker ...

how hard can it get!

We can put a man on the frikin moon!!

Geez I go buy Sonos Alexa as John Lewis guy says yes Alexa plays audible...

so I buy 2 £400 for Christmas to add to my massive Sonos system...

still no audible...


Hope your Sales Director reads the car crash support you’re offering for this feature !

Should be ashamed about releasing a product that’s only 50% Alexa ... it’s not just audible bit loads of other functionality missing ....

You should rename Sonos Alexa to Sonos Ale as it’s not finished
That’s a bit harsh on Sonos tbh. What I think most people miss is the non-Amazon non-echo devices are “Alexa enabled” and are therefore less capable than the true blue echo devices. Even some Amazon hardware is only Alexa enabled and doesn’t support the full Alexa Echo feature set. Third parties can only develop the facilities as and when the Amazon APIs allow them to develop, no matter how ‘easy’ non-developers think it should be.