Alexa and Sonos

  • 24 October 2017
  • 5 replies

I currently have existing Sonos products and recently bought Echo Dot with the intention of having voice control with my Apple Music how wrong I was. My question now is does the new Sonos 1 with “built in Alexa” enable me to access my Apple Music or not?

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5 replies

You cannot initiate music from Apple Music, but once launched via the Sonos app, you can control the queue via Alexa.
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Apple Music is not a music service supported by Alexa, so you cannot begin playing music from Apple Music through Alexa voice commands. As jgatie mentions though, once you begin playing through the Sonos app, you can pause/resume, skip forward and back, and adjust volume through Alexa commands.
Thanks both..very disappointing
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There's nothing saying that it couldn't be supported in the future... Amazon may choose to support Apple Music, or Sonos could come up with some secondary way to support other music services that aren't directly supported by Alexa... but at this time, it's not possible.
Thanks again let’s hope