Alexa and One Second Generation

I have 2 Sonos One paired as stereo, a Beam and another One. All first generation. I’ve just bought a Sonos One Second Generation.

Now on Alexa app I have a group called Home (I use Alexa just for music) and I see every room with an icon, and if I click on that icon there are Supermario’s Sonos one. In case of Beam, I have two different icon one for music and TV controller.

But in case of One Second Generation, I have the icon for the room (Bedroom) and as separeted, another icon for Supermario’s Sonos One Second Generation. And I don’t understand how put this icon “under” the Bedroom icon, as for other rooms.

Also on Preferred Speaker always Alexa app, I have all the room grouped, bedroom included, but in alternative I could tick another icon Supermario’s Sonos One Second Generation.

I’m using Alexa app with iPhone IOS.

I hope that I could have explained my issue, sorry I’m not english mother tongue.

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