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Hi all,

I have recently installed a Sonos Beam. It is connected to my Sony TV via HDMI ARC. It works great for turning on and off the TV. However, I want to control night and dialog enhancement mode with it, and encountered some problems:

1. I can say "Alexa, toggle night mode", and it will turn night mode on. However, when I say it again (to toggle off), it does nothing (or asks "which device").
2. If I say "Alexa, turn off night mode", it will either turn off the TV entirely, or ask "which device" (and when I answer TV, it will turn off the TV).
3. I couldn't find any command that will toggle dialog enhancement mode on or off.

Since I am talking with the Beam, I expect that it wouldn't ask me "which device", and would simply proceed to set night/dialog mode. I hope there is a fix for this!


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did this ever get resolved?


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